Dr. Steve Sobel's Uniquely Designed Presentations

Winning organizations know that laughing together often means thriving together. Your people are indeed your best "sales force."

Steve brings vital messages to help your team navigate the turbulent waters ahead, "raise the bar" for success and for the competitive edge.

Your next meeting needs Steve's special brand of humor that all will greatly appreciate for the long run ahead.

Caught in an "historic moment," after a 45 minute dinner presentation Dr. Sobel shows that he is able to captivate the most serious audiences as well. He will wear this special suit upon request.

“YES, YOU CAN! - How to Live Your Greatest Dreams and Get What You Want Out of Life”TM - This will be the most uplifting presentation you ever will attend as Steve gives you the inspiration and solid direction to go beyond what you think you are capable of! This presentation will impact the work and personal lives of all attending. Get way past the limits, beliefs and fears that are holding you back! Learn to deal pro-actively with CHANGE and ADVERSITY. Learn why fear means “false evidence appearing real!”

“DANCING WITH WOLVES - How to Deal Superbly and Creatively With Difficult People!”TM You will learn what are the most effective strategies for dealing with the “Wolves” who can make life miserable for you at work and at home. An essential program for taking control of your life! Successful people know how to work effectively with Wolves. Today's changing organizations need to know how to make sure everyone is working cooperatively and communicating pro-actively.

“LAUGH MORE, LIVE LONGER”TM - Steve provides you with his unique ideas to bringing more laughter, joy and optimism into your life and into the lives of the people/clients/customers you deal with daily. Those who laugh, will last, especially when life becomes most challenging. This rejuvenating program brings a standing ovation! A favorite conference opener or closer. Your audience will cry with tears of joy from all the laughter as they learn to “laugh with life”. Great participatory “exercises”! Treat your conference to the power lightheartedness as only Steve can deliver it!

“CREATING THE ABSOLUTE WINNING SEASON”TM - Steve profiles 3 championship athletic teams that have demonstrated the will to succeed despite the odds! Your sales team and your management/leadership team will find this to be incredibly illuminating, usable and most of all, will bring your folks the edge to rise above the competition. Great conference opener or closer.

“CONFIDENTLY NAVIGATING AND RIDING THE WINDS OF CHANGE”TM - There will be two types of organizations and companies in the next ten years - the QUICK or the DEAD! The inability to embrace change and use it positively will separate the ordinary from the EXTRAORDINARY! A spellbinding presentation that will open up all eyes, ears, and futures. Has been a keynote at many top level companies and meetings. Powerful and engaging.


Often Dr. Sobel will create a unique title for your special meeting or event.
Call (413) 530-5173 for titles that have provided a wonderful experience.

A Partial Listing of Companies, Organizations, and Associations That Have Experienced a Feature Presentation (or two, or three!) by Dr. Steve Sobel:

Electrifying demonstration video tape available to select meeting planners.


OR EMAIL AT info@DrSteveSobel.com

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