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Dr. Steve Sobel, Speaker Extraordinaire, one of the country's most adored motivational speakers, educators, and humorists, will personally lead a feature presentation at your upcoming annual conference, meeting retreat, or special recognition event.. Steve is also the author of the best seller, “The Good Times Handbook - Your Guide to Positive Living and Exciting Life” and appears regularly on television and radio throughout the United States and Canada. These “elite eight” presentations are guaranteed to inform, enlighten, and enthuse. This is your chance to engage “Dr. Steve” live! Call (413) 530-5173 for any needed information (9a.m.-4p.m./EST). Steve also regards “boring presentations as slow forms of torture.” Presentations are highly customized and will exceed your group's expectations. Title of presentations unique to your conference/meeting theme and objectives can also be created. Length of presentation created to meet your needs.

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“The Good Times Handbook”

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Doug Foresta

Doug is a speaking partner of Steve’s, and is also an exceptional speaker and communicator.
Call (413) 530-5173 for information on having Doug illuminate your next conference or event.

Click Here for more information about Doug.


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